Building the well automobile was be very cushy. Grab a glassy but strong engine, build a correct figure surround that (depending on what type of car you needed), use tall quality ingredients and fine craftsmanship and oi pesto, you possessed a good car. Fit no problem, here was slightly more to it than that, however that was certainly the idea of it.


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These day but, things have become more sophisticated. Contemporary technology, just like in all other facet of the world, has had a major power in car design and industry. No broader does a car only have to appear good and drive well – now it wants stuff like “GPS”, “launch control” and “surround racket”. Clients no longer just ask for fuel efficiency and boot area – those days they expect seats with thermostat control and a socket which will permit them to charge their iPod., baner06.2014
Quite a number of these features are knickknacks. Take for example the BMW S-Class’ “perfume selection” a device who allows the driver to pick what the car smells like. Without doubt this able be good but it can barely be called a eureka in motoring technology.

Nie ociągaj się – naciśnij hiperłącze ( i raduj się zawartymi tam kolejnymi tekstami. Na pewno pogłębią one Twą wiedzę na ów temat.

Others are grave – real efforts to use technology to boost car performance and safety.

Two features open on BMW types especially look special however. Once up is the BMW backup camera. This fairly simple yet very helpful device allows the driver to see what is beneath his car on a monitor located on the dashboard. This makes it much more easy to detect and avoid other vehicles and obstacles whilst reversing and parking (oznakowanie poziome) for example.

The twice one, while arguably little important, undoubtedly brings most drivers more fun. The BMW sirius retrofit is a outer radio. What on globe is a satellite radio, I hear you question? Well quite simply a satellite radio can find any radio station on the planet at any time. Ever fancied listening to a neighborhood Texan radio station whilst driving down the M1? Well now you can.

There are a all host of different features and add-ons available in modern cars – do some research before you buy and discover what devices you can have to make your driving experience even more pleasant (more here).